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Purify Your Air , Purify your Mind, Purify Your Life: Peach Lily

Purify your air Today🌱 There’s a constant reminder that we only get one life.  So bringing more life into your home is essential. I’ve been loving on my beautiful Peach Lily 🌱Before suffering from my bilateral cerebellum strokes I became committed to becoming the best version of myself, changing lives & building wealth. So when I woke up after brain 🧠 surgery (June 2018) my muscle memory took me straight back to that place. Yes there’s challenges, however MY PURPOSE JUST GREW. Nothing is going to pollute my air, my vision or my life. I’m not only living for me, but for every person that looks like me because we deserve more! Are you still committed to living, purifying your air, becoming the best version of yourself. #purify #peachlily #strokestolife #strokesurvivor #onelife #mom #wife #writer #workfromhome