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Life, Love and Switching Lanes

 by Tiera S. Richardson Hey Lovely People,   Let’s talk Life, Love & Switching Lanes   That time of year has come around and either you have already settled in or are currently contemplating switching lanes. You have come to the intersection of falling in or falling out of love with the relationships, friendships, mental/physical state and or career path you are in. For those of you who have already switched lanes, are cruising and are in love, kudos to you. As for those of you who are sitting in a stagnant lane where life and love has seemed to come to screeching holt, know that you are in control. You don’t need permission to switch lanes and flow in the direction that brings you peace, joy and is aligned with your purpose. Believe or not, to be able to switch lanes when the time calls for it is self-love. You also don’t owe anybody a signal light to get over and ride in whatever lane that your heart soul and mind desires.    Have you experienced someone trying to make you feel b

Happy Birthday to Me

  By Tiera S. Richardson  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME 🥳 This morning I lift up my eyes to the hills, from where my help, grace, mercy and favor comes.  🙏🏿 A Miracle, is what they call me. I should look or be dead, shouldn’t talk, shouldn’t walk, face should be dropping ……. Only 26% of people survives bilateral cerebellum strokes. Well, not only did I survive, but push everyday to thrive.  👉🏾 Life hack: You don’t have to look like what you been or going through! There’s unseen ailments and struggles I face daily post strokes that the average person couldn’t even survive. My God, I made it to my Jesus Year. I even had a farewell & welcoming ceremony because the official Tiera Samone Richardson has risen. The peace and joy I have today is the greatest gift life could have ever given me. Last night I was thinking to myself, If God has blessed and brought me this far at the sweet age of 33, I can only imagine what my life will look like in the future. Yesterday my evening ended with an in

1st Monday of 2021

By Tiera Richardson  We made it y’all. It’s the first Monday of 2021 and it feels surreal even saying that. Imagine when    we have to sign and date for the things we prayed for last year. Nevertheless, I’m here to remind you that this is a new opportunity to change your outlook. Last year is just that , Last Year. So leave it there and move forward. I know some situations may have followed you into the new year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t tackle it with a new approach. You weren’t given a seat at table. I say, create your own table and sit on it. You serving this year! You’re tired of looking over your shoulder because those dang memories of the hell you endured in 2020 feels like its pulling at your coat tail.     I say, let hell have the damn coat.    It’s about time you start shedding because what’s waiting for you is a new coat for your new year! You can shift the narrative and tell the enemy, “No more, you can have it” You know Why? It’s because you just stepped into a seaso