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Embrace the Yield & the Turn

by Tiera S. Richardson     It would be selfish of me to acknowledge the glory without paying homage to my story.    I can’t believe it’s been 2 years and 7 months since I suffered a bilateral cerebellum stroke. Brain surgery and learning to walk/talk again was only half of the battle. This unforeseen catastrophic event still follows me daily; however, I have a husband and 3-year-old son to live for. To be honest, there’s approximately 15 million stroke survivors worldwide who needs me annually. I chose to not let this invisible disability define me. Even with all of the doctor’s appointments, migraines, body aches, anxiety and unseen struggle I’ve pressed forward. Pressed forward out of faith because I chose to believe that I could and would experience brighter days. Life and being an Air Force veteran taught me how to be resilient. Questions? 1.     Have you been redirected due to a life altering event?  2.     Do you feel alone during this season?  This pivot and isolated ride were O

You’re on Pace to finish your Race

That smile when you look over your daily goals and have already checked off a few🤗 Prioritizing / scheduling my time has been a continuous goal post stroke and I’m grateful for the little progress. Overtime I’ve made adjustments to my daily goals and or task so that I can have some type of success. I remember realizing that my life was no longer the same and I could not do things the same as before. It was quite an eye opener. Everyday started to feel unorganized and as is life was just passing me by. I was ignoring the fact of the toll and injuries that was left behind after my cerebellum strokes. I was dismissing that I could have died, but was still alive to tell my story. As a alpha women and goal getter it has been sooo hard accepting that the pace that I’m on. It finally hit me that its exactly what I need to complete my marathon. Once I grasped that, i had a talk with myself, Tee you are still overcoming mountains and conquering. If you woke up, prayed, made your bed, fed the k

Purify Your Air , Purify your Mind, Purify Your Life: Peach Lily

Purify your air Today🌱 There’s a constant reminder that we only get one life.  So bringing more life into your home is essential. I’ve been loving on my beautiful Peach Lily 🌱Before suffering from my bilateral cerebellum strokes I became committed to becoming the best version of myself, changing lives & building wealth. So when I woke up after brain 🧠 surgery (June 2018) my muscle memory took me straight back to that place. Yes there’s challenges, however MY PURPOSE JUST GREW. Nothing is going to pollute my air, my vision or my life. I’m not only living for me, but for every person that looks like me because we deserve more! Are you still committed to living, purifying your air, becoming the best version of yourself. #purify #peachlily #strokestolife #strokesurvivor #onelife #mom #wife #writer #workfromhome