You’re on Pace to finish your Race

That smile when you look over your daily goals and have already checked off a few🤗
Prioritizing / scheduling my time has been a continuous goal post stroke and I’m grateful for the little progress. Overtime I’ve made adjustments to my daily goals and or task so that I can have some type of success. I remember realizing that my life was no longer the same and I could not do things the same as before. It was quite an eye opener. Everyday started to feel unorganized and as is life was just passing me by. I was ignoring the fact of the toll and injuries that was left behind after my cerebellum strokes. I was dismissing that I could have died, but was still alive to tell my story. As a alpha women and goal getter it has been sooo hard accepting that the pace that I’m on. It finally hit me that its exactly what I need to complete my marathon. Once I grasped that, i had a talk with myself, Tee you are still overcoming mountains and conquering.
If you woke up, prayed, made your bed, fed the kids, kissed the hubby and working on 1 thing that will contribute to you becoming a better version of yourself then you’ve won today.
 Remember one step at a time. 
#strokesurvivor #strokestolife


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