Life, Love and Switching Lanes

 by Tiera S. Richardson

Hey Lovely People,


Let’s talk Life, Love & Switching Lanes


That time of year has come around and either you have already settled in or are currently contemplating switching lanes. You have come to the intersection of falling in or falling out of love with the relationships, friendships, mental/physical state and or career path you are in.

For those of you who have already switched lanes, are cruising and are in love, kudos to you. As for those of you who are sitting in a stagnant lane where life and love has seemed to come to screeching holt, know that you are in control. You don’t need permission to switch lanes and flow in the direction that brings you peace, joy and is aligned with your purpose. Believe or not, to be able to switch lanes when the time calls for it is self-love. You also don’t owe anybody a signal light to get over and ride in whatever lane that your heart soul and mind desires. 


Have you experienced someone trying to make you feel bad, less than or out of place in life due to your choice to switch lanes? You may even switch back and forth according to how you feel. That’s Okay Too!


You may hear them say:

When did you decide to do that?

You’re moving too fast.

I wouldn’t do that if I were you.

You need to stay in your lane.

I don’t think that aligns with your purpose.

Everybody is doing that. 

You’re too old to go back.

You aren’t prepared that.

You should do what you’re passionate about.  

You are always doing things just to make money.

This may be a sign, that isn’t for you.

You are doing too much.


I would say REALLY ðŸ¤” 


Disclaimer: If you’ve said any of these to someone just know that person would rather rake leaves and talk to themselves before they have to ask your azz for anything.  

(And that’s on Mary had a little Lamb)


Now, let me converse with my lane switchers. You are entitled to leave that thing of the past and go fall in love with who and what gives you sunshine. Guess what, you can switch things up as fast as like. Who said you have to stay planted in relationships, careers or lifestyles that doesn’t fit where you are going? As long as what you’re doing, creating, working and loving is in alignment with your purpose you’re in the right place. Do me a favor. Think of your purpose as the world and all the continents, countries, lakes, cities, neighborhoods and highways that all fall within it. You are entitled to explore, navigate and take off on any runway, railroad or highway that you deem necessary. Your purpose maybe to empower others to live a fulfilling prosperous life. Now think of how many ways you can actually accomplish that. 



I’ll use myself for example. Early on I recognized my purpose was to empower, enlighten, serve and nurture whether it was a love one, customer, student or fellow Air Force airmen. My passion to uplift others through my own experiences and or knowledge always came naturally. My need for financial independence ignited an immediate awareness for financial literacy.  Financial Literacy is the gateway of obtaining wealth through learning how to create and manage money. Sharing the gift of financial literacy became a healthy fuel that fed the core of my purpose. Then, life shifted and in just that matter of seconds I was forced to slow down, stopped and rerouted. 


After just breaking into my mighty thirties, I suffered a bilateral cerebellum stroke (2 strokes that happened simultaneously on both sides of the brain). A pretty big speed bump wouldn’t you say. In that moment I knew then that I was different, my life was different, and my calling wanted more from me.  To be honest it took me quite some time to acknowledge and accept it all. This both visible and invisible disability is quite humbling and hard as hell to deal with somedays. Today I still face the many effects of it but welcome it with a new perspective.

My purpose was redefined, and it became evident that it was time to switch lanes. 


I made a conscious effort to listen to the voice within. 

“GIRL” you are experiencing something life altering. Your windshield wipers assured an unobstructed view, and your seat warmers are inviting you to get comfortable. 

Sis relax, your new whip is well equipped, and the driver is your creator. So, I did it a thing yawl! I took my hands off the wheel, got out of the rat race and allowed the switch of lanes. 

My brain, body and heart spoke too. Tiera, you must address the passengers that’s in this battle of memory loss, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression and more with you. You can’t run, lift the same weights or work as hard/long anymore. However, with GOD you can muster up what you do have and drive the hell out of your new way of life! You can still use your God given smile, strength, resiliency, various skill sets and gift of writing from the heart. You can empower other survivors to navigate and thrive through their struggles. Switch those lanes and fall in love with the new route life has taken you on. 


Everyone at some point has reached this season of life. Some of our favorite celebrities, influencers and artist have done and are doing quite a few things as they bob and weave through the lanes of life and love.


·      Tabitha Brown was driving Uber 4 years ago, use to eat meat and look at her now! She is the world’s favorite auntie. ðŸ¤·ðŸ¾‍♀️


·      Oprah was an anchor, television host, has a book club, magazine, tv network, gift cars, acts, inspirers/ feed nations, build schools in Africa, invest in real estate, has a man and best friend that loves her for-real and is a multi-billionaire! (Is she doing Too Much?)


·      Jay Z isn’t a billionaire just because he is a rapper. ðŸ¤·ðŸ¾‍♀️


·      Kobe Bryant was an NBA legend, retired and then won an Oscar! WOW


·      David went from bringing lunch, killing Goliath to ruling and being one of the most powerful Kings. Not to mention his brothers were the ones who marginalized and discouraged him before he took down the giant, Goliath.


Quiet as its kept, there’s people around that’s wishing they had the courage to switch lanes as many times as they would like. So, I say, slow down, make turns, yield, get off exits. Whatever you do, just don’t take your foot off the gas. Your body is your vehicle, your brain is the engine, and your heart is the big muscle to stimulate it all. If it’s time to shift gears, then do it! This is the freeway of life. 


I share that to encourage you to embrace your internal compass. I applaud you for stepping out on faith, doing the unfamiliar and caring less about giving a signal to switch lanes. My type of people! The heavy weight of my stroke recovery, a strong loving marriage, being a mother to an energetic brilliant 3-year-old toddler, being an intentional child of God, and an ambitious woman has helped me to keep my foot on the gas.  Life’s turbulence, speed bumps and dead ends will sometimes give you a little nudge or force you to switch lanes. 


It's all a part of the Strokes 2 Life!








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