1st Monday of 2021

By Tiera Richardson 

We made it y’all. It’s the first Monday of 2021 and it feels surreal even saying that. Imagine when  we have to sign and date for the things we prayed for last year. Nevertheless, I’m here to remind you that this is a new opportunity to change your outlook. Last year is just that , Last Year. So leave it there and move forward. I know some situations may have followed you into the new year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t tackle it with a new approach. You weren’t given a seat at table. I say, create your own table and sit on it. You serving this year! You’re tired of looking over your shoulder because those dang memories of the hell you endured in 2020 feels like its pulling at your coat tail.  I say, let hell have the damn coat.  

It’s about time you start shedding because what’s waiting for you is a new coat for your new year! You can shift the narrative and tell the enemy, “No more, you can have it” You know Why? It’s because you just stepped into a season that was waiting on your arrival. I’ve been guilty too rehashing old disappointments when my present requires my undivided attention. When I realized my outlook today will impact my tomorrow, it was Game-over. Sis archived those L’s  and brought my Wins with me. So I say to you, get a grip of those negative thoughts, negative actions, negative people and send them back into last year. You have a peaceful, impactful and prosperous life to live. Let’s go get what belongs to us starting TODAY!

Wishing a phenomenal Monday!

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